Modus selects ForeCoast® Marine to optimise its Hybrid AUV operations

Modus Seabed Intervention Ltd, the global specialist provider of subsea vehicles and managed services, has chosen our operational management software – ForeCoast® Marine - to help optimise the operation of its Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (H-AUV).

The H-AUV capability is part of a significant development programme by Modus, to introduce advanced and disruptive technologies across its range of services. To maximise the returns from this investment and provide its clients the most operationally efficient solutions, Modus has selected ForeCoast® Marine to optimise the operation of the H-AUV. ForeCoast® Marine is an advanced mission scheduling, logistics and metocean risk management system, enabling operational strategies to be optimised throughout the lifetime of a marine project. 

The software will be used to develop an advanced AI-based scheduling algorithm to enable efficient task prioritisation and routing of the AUV; and to support day-to-day decision making with respect to the timing and sequencing of operations. This is particularly relevant when carrying out fully autonomous survey and inspection campaigns in offshore wind and oil gas sites, considering the field layout, simultaneous operations, environmental conditions and vehicle performance to achieve optimised and efficient programming.

“Our investment in subsea vehicle operation using the ForeCoast® Marine system will ensure our customers can benefit from a differentiated approach to survey, inspection and intervention, providing cost effective, high quality performance. This development is also an important aspect of our field resident AUV road map.”

Jake Tompkins, Modus CEO

“We are delighted to be working with Modus on this ground-breaking work, helping to guide their state of the art Hybrid AUV with the most advanced version of ForeCoast® Marine to date. The automation of vehicles has the potential to revolutionise offshore operations. We are proud to be part of this transition through the application of ForeCoast® Marine’s AI-based module.”

Mark Lawless, JBA Director

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