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Our Systems, Software and Data teams undertake specialist system, software and data development for the natural and built environment.

Our software developers come from a wide range of backgrounds – geographers, mathematicians, engineers, scientists, archaeologists and more.  Most of our team has Master’s level degrees and several have PhDs.  This enables them to tackle our clients most complex problems through our knowledge and innovation; enabling them to do more.

We typically work with central government, environmental, transportation and utility organisations, private companies, funding bodies and others.

Web and app development

Many organisations want websites, software and applications that specifically target their own needs.

Our user-driven design approach and agile development, accelerates the value we can provide. This helps us deliver improved product quality, with more useful functionality, at a lower cost.

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System and cloud architecture

We have the skills to design, build, integrate and scale your applications.

Our architecture services team can help guide custom implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximise scalability and performance of your applications.

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Data management and processing

Understanding and interpreting data is increasingly important in efficient business operation. Organisations today are often faced with a lack of data or are not sure how to exploit it fully; whilst others have vast amounts, some of which can be unstructured and messy and difficult to work with. We can help you form a strategy to manage your data, and provide the expertise in data processing, statistical analysis and visualisation to report its meaning.

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GIS and mapping

With expertise in GIS, mapping and data management, our specialists can develop datasets and provide analysis that allows you to observe and understand the key features of your project.

We are vendor neutral, using both commercial and open-source GIS solutions. This means that we can provide you innovative and cost-effective ways of presenting, visualising, analysing, reporting, managing your data.

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