Offshore wind: Strategic and operational planning software

Offshore wind projects are risky and complex. To help minimise these risks, our Metocean Risk Management team has developed ForeCoast® Marine – strategic and operational planning software for the design, optimisation and management of offshore wind projects. From planning to installation, operation to decommissioning, ForeCoast® Marine guides you every step of the way. Enabling you to de-risk your offshore wind farm, maximise its performance and increase the profitability of your project.

Design desk

Plan your construction and O&M strategies with the ForeCoast® Marine Design Desk. This advanced, simulation platform, allows you to design and optimise offshore wind projects in a safe, virtual world. Test how project performance is influenced by different:

  • Vessel and port strategies
  • Asset types
  • Seasonal working strategies

Control desk

Once your wind farm is operational, make faster, smarter tactical decisions with the Control desk. This intuitive software allows you to schedule and manage the day-to-day operations of your offshore wind project, in just a few clicks.

  • Optimise daily schedules considering metocean forecasts, logistics, and personnel and vessel availability.
  • Use artificial intelligence of optimise routing
  • Forecast programme slippages and
  • Design mitigation strategies to get your programme back on track

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ForeCoast® Marine is being used by clients across the world – why not join them? De-risk your offshore wind farm, maximise its performance. Let ForeCoast® Marine guide you, every step of the way.

Project case studies

Orkney Island village

JBA commissioned by SEPA for Orkney islands
flood forecasting

Curent magazine cover

ForeCoast® and Coastal Flood Forecasting… where it
all began

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