Metocean risk management

When working in the marine environment, the harsh and often extreme metocean conditions can have a substantial impact on the lifetime cost and associated health and safety risks of a project if not carefully understood and managed.

To help minimise these risks, our Metocean Risk Management team has developed a range of advanced metocean risk management techniques.  These techniques are delivered using our sophisticated metocean forecasting and planning
tool – ForeCoast® Marine.

How we can help

ForeCoast® Marine allows marine operators to manage their metocean risks throughout the lifecycle of an offshore construction or energy project, including:

  • Pricing weather into tenders
  • Designing detailed construction and maintenance strategies
  • Managing live weather risks.

Gamer Mode

Gamer Mode is used by marine operators such as Scottish PowerRenewables at their East Anglia One offshore wind farm.

It develops optimised installation and operation and maintenance strategies that account for weather, vessel and equipment capabilities and other restrictions.

The model can also be used on a weekly basis during construction to re-project the installation schedule based on the progress made to date.

This technique, which has recently been applied to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project, allows project teams to continually monitor project progress, anticipate any programme slippages well in advance and put in place mitigation strategies.

Mission Planner

Mission Planner is an advanced operational forecasting and decision support tool.

It is currently used by a variety of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy and marine construction project operators, such as SPR’s Wikinger offshore wind farm.

The system uses the most recent forecast data to help planners make go/no go decisions by forecasting the likelihood of mission success, the optimal timing for key activities and any period of required downtime.

Project case studies

Orkney Island village

JBA commissioned by SEPA for Orkney islands
flood forecasting

Curent magazine cover

ForeCoast® and Coastal Flood Forecasting… where it
all began

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