Coastal Flood Risk Assessment

Coastal Flood Risk Assessment - Wave Overtopping

Our Marine and Coastal Risk Management (MCRM) team of specialist coastal scientists, hydraulic modellers, maritime and drainage engineers, deliver coastal FRA’s for private clients nationally and internally. Many of the coastal flood models used to generate the national mapping for government bodies within the United Kingdom have been developed by us. Our experienced consultants will support your planning application, providing specialist advice and adhering to National Planning Policy, to give you the best chance of achieving planning approval.

If you are planning a residential or commercial development, big or small, national planning policies require your planning application to include a flood risk assessment (FRA) in England and Scotland, or flood consequence assessment in Wales.

An FRA identifies the potential risk of flooding to the development site as well as considering how your site may affect potential flooding elsewhere. An FRA is especially important if your development is located within National Flood Zone 2 or 3 or is over one hectare within Flood Zone 1 (England and Wales), or is located within SEPA’s indicative flood map (Scotland). It is likely that you’ll need to understand how you can use mitigation measures to manage any flood risk, to the site and beyond, before you put in a planning application.

Our Services

  • Extreme sea state analysis – sea-levels, wind, waves and joint probability
  • Wave model development and transformation
  • Wave overtopping
  • Coastal process and sediment dynamics analysis
  • Flood inundation and hazard mapping
  • Defence breach impact assessment
  • Flood mitigation options appraisal
  • Flood evacuation route planning
  • Outline and detailed design

How we work

We are a multidisciplinary company covering a variety of other services:

  • Topographic and ecological survey
  • Asset inspection and management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Urban Landscape Design and assessment

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Ian Gaskell (England and Wales) or Nicola Buckley (Scotland).
+44 (0) 1756 699500
+44 (0) 131 3912940

Project case studies

Coastl Flood Risk Assessment - Islay, Inner Hebrides
Coastal Flood Risk Assessment - Islay, Inner Hebrides

Coastal flood risk assessment for a former distillery on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides.

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Dunbar Golf Club - Coastal Flood Risk Assessment
Coastal Flood Risk Assessment - Dunbar Golf Club, East Lothian

Coastal flood risk assessment at Dunbar Golf Club, East Lothian

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