Coastal flood modelling and forecasting

JBA Crashing Waves

Developing industry leading coastal flood models and early warning systems globally

Our team of scientists and modellers specialise in the analytics and modelling of coastal flooding, working globally to evaluate, forecast and mitigate flood risk. We do this for governments, insurers, international development agencies, property developers, and the transport and energy sector.

Over the past decade we have driven innovation in the sectors we work, conceiving of new methods and standards for the analytics, modelling and forecasting work that we do. We have led many seminal government and industrial R&D projects now guiding industry practice. We are known for the innovative ways that we work, our flexibility, and the high quality of our work.

Our work includes

  • The analyses of sea-level, wind and wave data to evaluate the probability (and joint probability) of extreme conditions.
  • The development event sets for tropical and extra-tropical flood modelling studies.
  • The development of sophisticated flood forecasting and early warning systems. Our forecasting systems are guiding flood incident response for tens of thousands of people and key industries such as rail and the offshore construction sector.
  • The development of advanced flood risk models for use in development and emergency response planning, international development work and insurance assessments. Our models account for:
    • Tides
    • Storm surge
    • Wave development and transformation
    • Wave overtopping
    • Sediment transport and beach morphodynamics
    • Flood inundation.

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