Specialist Flood Risk Services

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Helping homebuyers to gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property

We are working with Future Climate Info (FCI) to offer homebuyers and commercial property purchasers a range of flood risk services to determine and properly understand flood risk.

When flood risk is disclosed in an environmental search this may cause concerns. Our expert advice will help you gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property giving peace of mind and confidence about how to move forward.

FCI-JBA Specialist Flood Risk Services offer a unique combination of an environmental search with expert flood analysis as well as being in line with the government and insurance industry thinking on measures to be taken by homeowners to address flood risk over the next 25 years.

Specialist Flood Risk Services

Starting from just £149 + VAT, the Report Review is the first of its kind in terms of an affordable and accessible flood risk service, covering both residential and commercial properties up to 10 hectares in size. Combining desktop analysis and expert advice from our dedicated flood risk specialists, the Report Review will validate the property’s flood risk providing peace of mind and confidence about next steps.

Depending on the level of flood risk, there are a range of more advanced options available including;

Providing a detailed analysis of readily available flood risk data, including JBA, Environment Agency, Local Authority and publicly available planning records. This service has the potential to improve understanding of flood risk reducing the reported level in 40% of cases.

Identifies flood mechanisms, flow paths and local ground conditions that may impact flooding at the property to further validate flood risk.

Giving practical advice on appropriate measures for reducing the consequences of flooding or damage caused to a property in the event of flooding.

Ideally suited to larger properties (< 0.25 hectares), development sites for planning purposes or where in-depth investigation is required.

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