Flood Risk Management

Flooded Field JBA

Flooding cannot be prevented but we can learn to understand the cause and manage the risk so that we are better prepared.

We provide a comprehensive flood risk management service including flood risk assessment, flood risk mapping and modelling and planning and construction of mitigation measures that manage flood risk to acceptable levels.

We are committed to providing specialist consultancy support to help reduce the risk from river and coastal flooding and to secure social and environmental improvements.

Under the Flood and Water Management Act, Lead Local Flood Authorities have a responsibility for managing flood risk within their areas and maintaining a register of flood risk assets. Working closely with the EA to ensure consistency between local and national plans.  The act places a duty on all flood risk management authorities to cooperate with each other, and we have seen evidence of this through the WEM framework where local flood issues have been addressed in collaboration with the EA assisting in managing projects.

In Scotland, Local Authorities are the primary bodies that deliver flood risk management projects and we have worked with many authorities to deliver schemes from feasibility to detailed design.  Schemes have included the design of flood defence structures including earth embankments and flood walls as well as the design of large pumping station installations.  As well as design, we have managed the tender process and supervised the construction works on site.

Having worked on behalf of all national flood risk management authorities in the UK and Ireland, our team is experienced in managing the impact of flooding from risk assessment and appraisal to the design of intervention or management measures.

We regularly undertake flood modelling projects that range in scale from site-specific flood risk assessments to national-scale flood mapping studies.  As well as scale, the modelling methods and software used will depend on the types and mechanisms of flooding to be represented (e.g. fluvial, coastal, surface water, groundwater and/or reservoir breaching) and the level of detail required to support the project outcomes.  Models can also be built to run in real-time for flood forecasting purposes or produce 3D visualisations for public engagement.

We can help you select the most appropriate modelling tools to ensure that the outputs are fit-for-purpose now and in the foreseeable future.

A Reliable Framework Supplier

With over 20 years’ experience of working across the water environment, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the public and private sectors.

Our team can be accessed quickly and cost effectively through a number of public sector frameworks.

The Water and Environmental Management (WEM) framework has been set up to deliver flood and coastal risk management projects for the Environment Agency’s to improve flood protection. The ambition for the framework is for it to be at the leading edge of infrastructure delivery and exemplar in safety, health, well-being and environmental management.

We are playing a significant role in delivering the programme through:

  • Lot 1: Mapping and Modelling
  • Lot 4: Asset Delivery as part of a joint venture with contractor JN Bentley to form JBA Bentley.

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Peter May.

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