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Natural capital constitutes the various elements of the natural world, from soils to freshwater and ecosystems. Looking at the world through a natural capital lens, we see nature as an asset, much like any other, which delivers benefits to society, or ecosystem services.

The natural capital lens has rapidly become an eminent concept. This is because it not only helps us to identify our fundamental dependencies on the natural world, but also helps us to see nature as an opportunity, as opposed to an obstacle to development.

Our work helps our clients to understand the value of their natural assets and how they can work with nature to maximise opportunities and benefits obtained. Previous and current clients include international financial institutions such as the World Bank, national government departments including the Ministry for Housing and Communities and national agencies such as the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, and the committee on Climate Change. We’ve also worked with Non-Governmental Organisations such as the RSPB.

Our Services

Baseline assessment and options appraisal - JBA Consulting

Baseline assessment and options appraisal

Our natural capital assessments not only help clients understand the baseline value of their asset base, they can also forecast the impact of their projects on natural capital value, helping clients appraise their projects.

Natural Capital Accounting - JBA Consulting

Natural capital

We apply the best available biophysical and monetary evidence to our standardised and rigorous natural capital accounting procedures. This helps clients understand the economic value of their assets and projects.

Innovation and Research - JBA Consulting

Innovation and

We can deliver innovative solutions to suit the wide-ranging needs of our clients, from natural capital opportunity mapping to developing bespoke natural capital frameworks and guidance.

Featured projects

Park Wood Natural Capital Assessment
Park Wood Sustainability Project

A full natural capital assessment including monetary evaluation to maximise the benefits of the Park Wood site.

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Thames Estuary TE21000 Framework | JBA Consulting
Thames Estuary TE2100 Framework

Realising the economic case for the Thames Estuary Plan through integrating JBA’s natural capital framework.

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Environment Agency Collaborative Delivery Framework
Environment Agency Collaborative Delivery Framework

Our work with the Environment Agency – developing and utilising a comprehensive natural capital assessment

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Eddleston Water Natural Flood Management Project
Eddleston Water Project

Establishing novel Natural Flood Management techniques and assessing their benefits for the Tweed Forum.

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