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Groundwater is a significant natural resource, and a key stage in the water cycle, requiring both careful protection and management. A hydrogeological assessment is therefore an essential component of projects involving infrastructure development, natural resource management, manufacturing or other forms of commercial activity.

Development can potentially effect groundwater in numerous ways and our technical teams can help establish what these effects might be.

Our services

Combining skills from across science and engineering to understand the flow of groundwater and its impact on aquatic ecosystems.

Our experienced team of hydrogeologists can advise on abstraction, design of protection measures and the management of development proposals. This includes:

  • Water resources studies
  • Groundwater supply assessment and implementation
  • Dewatering design of construction and mineral extraction

Our expertise

Groundwater is an important natural resource requiring careful management to conserve its value. It can contribute significantly to sustainable communities and the health of aquatic habitats.

Our expertise is necessary for the planning, design, and implementation in areas such as water resources, wetlands, dewatering schemes, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), flood studies, environmental impact assessments, contaminated land risk assessments and ground source heating/cooling.

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