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Building resilient relationships for sustainable futures

The manner in which you engage and communicate with the public and other key stakeholders is fundamental to the success of your project. That’s why we have a dedicated stakeholder engagement team made up entirely of communication experts from the corporate, public and third sector organisations.

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Stakeholder engagement


We’ll work with you to identify and map your stakeholders, develop key messages, set engagement objectives and ensure that both are reflected throughout the lifespan of your project.


We’re not your average consultancy: the personality of our team and the creative flare they can bring, reflects that. We know that engagement needs to be more than just a meeting or briefing. We pride ourselves on our creative approach and we’re always looking for new ways to bring your vision to life. Some of our unique services are detailed below.


At the very heart of what we do is to build and sustain relationships. Our approach is to work with you, to listen and understand what you need and use our communications experience to create an environment of openness and trust. We are always open minded and honest virtues that we think help forge the best relationships.

The stakeholder cycle – Our approach

JBA Stakeholder Cycle

A comprehensive management phase which includes stakeholder mapping and analysis, objective setting, developing key messages and an assessment of opportunities and risks.

Our expertise:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communications strategy
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Social research
  • Risk analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Content, design and brand development

The fun stuff. During this phase we actually deliver the engagement in a way that reflects the outcomes of the management phase.

Our expertise:

  • Charettes, workshops and focus groups
  • Exhibitions
  • Engagement materials
  • Public affairs activity
  • Virtual solutions
  • Photography and videography
  • Copy and press release writing
  • Crisis communications
  • Media Liaison
  • Social capital

This is critical. We use specific methods to reflect on each of the activities to understand what’s worked well, what we might need to change and how we can adapt our approach to get the best results.

Our expertise:

  • Surveys
  • Media monitoring
  • Report writing
  • Outcomes and outputs
  • Qualitative analysis

Interactive visualisation tools

We have developed a range of innovative interactive visualisation tools to support communication, collaboration and decision making at all stages of a project lifecycle, from community and stakeholder engagement to detailed design.

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