Rail engineering

Rail by the sea

We work across the full rail network, either directly for Network Rail or for its Framework Contractors, and specialise in managing the interface between water and the railway infrastructure.

We have completed over 7,000 scour risk assessments, and the design of over 350 scour protection schemes. We work on the management of track flooding through the design of track drainage systems, and the management of track stability through the design of strengthening works or lining works to existing culverts, plus the design of new culvert crossings.

With over 20 years’ experience working within the rail environment we understand the constraints that are imposed within this environment. We maintain an extensive team of PTS training staff to allow access onto Network Rail controlled infrastructure and are certified under the RISQS verification process – Supplier Number 2337.


Having acted as one of the authors of the Ciria Manual on ‘Scour at Bridges and Other Hydraulic Structures – 2nd Edition’, we fully understand the scour process at
railway structures.

We understand the constraints associated with working in the rail environment and within a watercourse. Ensuring our designs fully and efficiently protect the structure from scour, and can be installed in a safe way that protects the workforce and the environment.

We work closely with our hydrologists and hydraulic modellers to ensure that we fully understand the local flow conditions and the interaction between the structure and the watercourse. Allowing us to establish the local scour regime and design an appropriate protection system.

Our ecologists also provide vital input into the design process to ensure that the environmental impact of our design is kept to a minimum and that any local constraints are dealt with through the design process.

By bringing our modelling and environmental expertise together at an early stage, we are well placed to achieve successful consent applications from the appropriate Lead Local Flood Authority.


We specialise in the design of culvert lining, culvert replacement and their associated structures. Our expertise includes new culverts and culvert refurbishment/replacement, often in difficult locations within the operational railway.

We cover the entire project cycle including:

• Site inspection
• Ecological survey and assessment, including consent application
• Desk study information interpretation
• Undertaking topographic, CCTV and confined space surveys and plus intrusive site investigations
• Hydrological and hydraulic analyses, including hydraulic modelling of the watercourse and culvert
• Stakeholder and statutory body liaison
• Optioneering and detailed design of remediation
• Production of associated documentation including Ecological report, design drawings, Design Risk Assessments and Technical Specifications.

Remediation optioneering includes:

• Open trench replacement
• Patch repairs (patch lining, grouting, resin injection)
• Trenchless techniques (guided auger boring, directional drilling, micro tunnelling, pipe bursting)
• Tre-lining (using cured in place systems).


We have extensive experience of drainage and flood investigation and design services within the rail environment, and are regularly requested to provide professional and experienced engineers to investigate drainage and water related issues.

Schemes completed include:

• Site walkover drainage investigations
• Drainage survey and physical investigations
• Flood and third party pluvial and fluvial flow investigation
• Catchment investigation and modelling
• Hydraulic modelling and Flood Risk assessment
• Development of drainage management plans specific to problem sites
• Options evaluation and determination
• Design of remediation and drainage improvements
• Scour assessment of structures and earthworks
• Scour protection design
• Geotechnical investigation and design
• Ground water modelling
• Asset inspection and evaluation.

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