Flood defence design

Yellow Dam Spillway

We have a long history in engineering design of flood defence works covering hard and soft flood risk management assets from flood storage features, and upland management works to hard defences through towns and cities. Our civil, structural and geotechnical expertise allow us to undertake initial investigation, followed by concept and detailed design works. We are also involved in the asset management of existing flood defence structures doing inspection works and planning and designing works to prolong asset life.

Working in conjunction with other services across the company we can deliver complex multi-disciplinary projects to the highest standards in a BIM environment, all the way through the project lifecycle using PRINCE2 qualified project managers.

How we can help you in Scotland

In Scotland we work closely with Local Authorities, SEPA, and Scottish Water to provide flood risk management solutions under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. We help our clients deliver schemes through appraisal, consultation, outline and detailed design stages. This includes natural flood management, flood storage reservoirs, earth embankments, direct defences, dredging campaigns, and managed realignment schemes. Within Scotland project examples include Renfrew, Brechin , Galashiels, Tillicoultry, Stonehaven, Caol, and Smithton and Culloden


  • Wakefield MDC Oakenshaw Beck flood storage site
  • Ulverston Town Beck
  • Foss Barrier
  • Crindau Pill
  • Chantry Cottages
  • Hensall

Project Case Studies

JBA Chantry Cottages Flood Defence Scheme
Chantry Cottages Flood Defence Scheme

Flood defence project to stabilise and improve 1km of embankment following a tidal surge
in 2013.

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JBA Foss Barrier
Foss Barrier Pumping Station Upgrade Works

Upgrade works to the Foss Barrier Pumping Station in the centre of York to increase its capacity and prevent city flooding.

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JBA Ulverston culvert
Ulverston Town Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme

Renewal and refurbishment of flood defences within the quintessential Lakeland
market town.

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“Since 2014 the Asset Refurbishment Programme of works (ARPoW) has been at the forefront of ensuring critical flood risk and Waterways assets remain at or above target condition and can be relied upon when needed, be it during times of flood to protect people and property or maintaining navigation passage, allowing people to enjoy our waterways. The number, vast range and dispersed nature of projects within ARPoW presents a number of unique challenges but through forging a strong working relationship our successful outcomes have been realised. JBA’s positive, pro-active and innovating approach has enabled us to hit our business targets relating to the health of our assets, efficiencies and sustainability whilst being safe, protecting the environment, providing value for money, flexibility and speed of delivery.”

David Watts, Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works (ARPW) Project Executive, Environment Agency


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