Energy and water technology optimisation services

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Every business has different needs; thus a standardised approach for resource optimisation would not fit everyone. Our Energy and Water Technology Optimisation Services (EWTOPS) team will work with you to develop a detailed bespoke solution for optimising your profits. Our initial site visit and consultation is free of charge.

Our services provide a holistic approach based on scientific and technical evidence derived from real life calculations. This evidence allows us to optimise technology and resources, taking into consideration today’s climate and climate change projections.

Our services

We problem solve using a bespoke method for each client and situation with our skill set in data analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

With technical specialists in process engineering we are able to offer services to meet your unique situation and maximise efficiency and opportunity.

  • Process analysis
  • Project assurance
  • Energy and water management
  • Thermal discharge modelling into rivers and cooling pond design checks
  • Pumping specification and modelling incorporating catchment analysis, for Internal Drainage Boards

Our experience

We have modelled and helped to improve many industrial processes, calculating the required energy and water consumption for each process. This has revealed oversized pumps, pipes, control valves and heat exchangers.

On many occasions our work highlights spare capacity that could be used to increase production, once equipment is recommissioned. Often the solutions are relatively simple, re-commissioning equipment based on matching and not exceed the required services for the process/machinery.

Increasing economic pressures, utility costs, and more stringent regulations have left organisations looking for sustainable efficiencies throughout their practices and services.

Case Studies

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JBA analysed some complicated pumping circuits, cooling and heating processes. At each step of the analysis, JBA gave predicted energy values and efficiencies which we were able to verify using data that JBA did not have access to.

Chris Rothwell, Engineering Manager Kodak Ltd.