Dams and reservoirs


Regardless of the volume of a reservoir there is a duty on owners, operators and maintainers of storage reservoirs to take steps to ensure integrity and safe operation of retaining and storage structures.

We provide a wide range of dam and reservoir engineering services from statutory inspections to detailed design and supervision of construction. Our recent and current projects include the design and supervision of a new embankment reservoir, reconstruction of emergency spillways, rehabilitation of raised embankments and major works to improve the operational health and safety of reservoirs.

How we can help

Through our extensive project experience and up to date knowledge of reservoir legislation, we can offer a practical and efficient service to cover the responsibilities of reservoir and dam management. Our expertise in dam breach analysis and reservoir inundation mapping provide real opportunities for our clients to adapt to the recent changes in reservoir legislation towards a risk based approach.

Professional support

Our qualified civil engineers are All Reservoirs (Construction and Inspecting) and Supervising Panel Engineers.  They are supported by professionals in geology, hydrology, hydraulic modelling, hydraulic structures, hydrogeology, ecology and planning legislation, providing a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of areas.

Our experience

JBA Reservoirs
  • Reservoir capacity and topographic surveys
  • Water resource analysis
  • Reservoir operating procedures
  • Hydraulics and spillway design
  • Inspections and analyses to design and construction supervision of new reservoir structures
  • Rehabilitation of existing dams and reservoirs
  • Inspections and supervision under UK Reservoirs Acts
  • Geotechnical investigations and design
  • Reservoir on-site and off-site emergency
    plan preparation
  • Acting as expert witness.

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Richard Buck.

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