JBA Humber bridge

We work with a range of public and private clients providing a variety of engineering inputs for vehicle, rail and pedestrian bridge designs and refurbishments. We advise and address our clients needs, accounting for either local requirements or Highways Agency design requirements.

Through our delivery partners on the Water Environment and Management Framework, we have undertaken bridge deck replacements, waterproofing works, bridge refurbishments and complete bridge replacements of over 7 structures.

How we can help you

Utilising our wide engineering capabilities, including civil and structural, geotechnical and modelling skills, we have extensive experience in undertaking structural bridge inspections, loading assessments and numerical analysis to inform bridge strengthening works, design of repair works and over 7000 scour assessments.


We are currently assisting Calderdale Council with abnormal load movements, acting as a first point of call to assess bridge capacities for proposed large vehicle trafficking routes.

We can help you

If you would like to discuss how we can work together please contact Richard Buck.

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