Climate Change

JBA Climate Change

Climate change is recognised as one of the biggest challenges facing future generations and is already affecting us now.

We aim to increase the resilience of communities, businesses, infrastructure and the environment to current and future climate impacts through a collaborative, transparent process empowering you in your strategic decision making. By working with you to identify key climate risks, through risk assessment and then developing adaptation plans, we can enable you to take appropriate action now and in the future to manage the risks.

Our Climate Proofing Service assists with all elements of adaptation including flood risk management, natural solutions to address overheating and advice on energy and water optimisation. We are experienced in helping organisations to improve their own adaptive capacity through research, training, awareness and other capacity building activities whilst also supporting communities to increase their resilience through awareness raising, emergency planning and flood incident management approaches.

Climate Proofing for future resilience

JBA Climate Change

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