International expertise

Local, national and international expertise

We have 450 staff and 21 offices in 9 countries around
the world.

Our international work has led us to have a local presence in south-east Asia and Australia.

Our work involves addressing the needs of government and business in understanding and addressing future engineering challenges associated with climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. We also focus on capacity building to enable countries to build their skill sets.

Our work for
international bodies

Our pioneering use of technology has allowed us to lead the world in flood modelling large catchments or even small countries in a single simulation at high resolution.

In 2016 we were commissioned by the World Bank to provide flood management advice and specialist numerical flood modelling for the whole city of Paramaribo, Suriname.

The World Bank could immediately access JBA’s medium resolution Global Flood Map to understand flooding mechanisms, processes and rarity which allowed immediate short-term interventions to be progressed and informed the scoping of policy and strategy development which will in the future mitigate flooding for the city.

Case Study:
Flood Management Suriname

JBA Suriname flooded

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