Environmental Sustainability

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Our mission

As a business we’re probably more aware than most of the impacts of land use change, habitat loss, soil and water degradation, and climate change. That’s why we’re determined to do everything we can to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and activities. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at JBA and we’re committed to making the changes needed to reduce our resource use and cut our carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy sets out our objectives for environmental sustainability and our Carbon & Resource Management Plan details how we will achieve these objectives. Guided by our plan we aim to make positive changes across our business with the ultimate aim of becoming a Net Zero business.

Our current initiatives

We’ve been monitoring our environmental impacts for more than 10 years and have introduced a range of policies, processes and initiatives designed to reduce our carbon emissions and resource use. Current policies include:

                                    Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Our ISO14001-accredited EMS measures and reports on a range of resource use matters including our office energy consumption, paper and water use, business travel and office waste.

                                    Sustainable Business Travel

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The JBA Travel Hierarchy encourages all staff to carefully consider the need to undertake business travel, whilst also promoting public transport and other low-carbon forms of transport over                                              petrol/diesel car use.

                                    Sustainability Champions

Our Sustainability Champions help us to promote good practices more widely making our offices and everyday working practices more sustainable.

                                    Agile Working

We have made significant investment in our IT infrastructure, enabling us to make virtual meetings routine. This has also reduced the need for face-to-face meetings and associated travel.

                                    Environmental Reward Scheme

JBA Consulting Environmental Reward Scheme

This scheme encourages all staff to use low emissions transport whilst commuting. We’ve also established an annual office sustainability fund to support local initiatives that benefit the                                        environment or community.

                                    Approved Suppliers

Our approved Supplier process seeks to identify suppliers who have good environmental credentials and can support our sustainability objectives.

Our future plans – Net Zero

Through a number of initiatives we’re already making significant progress towards our ambition of achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions. However, we know there is more we need to do as a business to ensure we achieve our ambition. Our Carbon & Resource Management Plan will support us to achieve a further step-change reduction in our resource use and associated carbon emissions.

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