Working With Natural Processes: Overview and Evidence

JBA Working with Natural Processes training course

This WWNP module provides depth and detail on the evidence and gaps in our understanding of WWNP, drawing upon our knowledge and experience in this rapidly evolving arena.

You will learn from a decade of highly relevant science, including the Holnicote multi-objective study, the SEPA handbook and the WWNP Evidence Directory.

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  • The Evidence Base
  • The Maps of Potential for WWNP and how to use them
  • Catchment Management
  • Engagement
  • Hydrology, models, risk and uncertainty
  • Natural Capital and multiple benefits

This overview is aimed at scientists and engineers interested in whole catchment management.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the evidence and the effectiveness of WWNP
  • Learn how WWNP might improve resilience

Barry Hankin, Head of Environmental Modelling

Barry is JBA’s Head of Environmental Modelling and has worked for JBA for over 12 years, having previously worked for the EA, SEPA and in academia. His work has centered around understanding whole catchment risks better, covering a range of disciplines including, flood risk management, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, diffuse pollution and GIS.

Steve Rose, NFM Specialist

Steve is JBA’s NFM Specialist, and has worked for JBA for 13 years, having previously worked for ADAS investigating the impact of agricultural and rural land management practices on the environment (mainly hydrology, drainage and water quality). His more recent work with JBA covers many aspects of catchment management with particular emphasis on natural flood management and wetland restoration.

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