Working With Natural Processes: Modelling techniques

JBA Working with Natural Processes training course

There is a wide spectrum of modelling techniques that help us understand catchment processes and hydraulics better in relation to WWNP. From simple estimates of changes to conveyance, to 2D rainfall driven hydraulics or parsimonious rainfall-runoff models of WWNP measures, we will provide advice on using these approaches to assess changes in risk and uncertainty. The key exercises will be undertaken in freely available software including HEC-RAS and Dynamic Topmodel.

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Topics covered:

  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Uncertainty in modelling
  • Uncertain changes because of WWNP

This module is aimed at scientists and engineers wishing to understand modelling approaches applied to WWNP, whilst thinking about the large uncertainties in hydrology.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Appreciate spectrum of approaches
  • Have had the opportunity to practice hands-on exercises incorporating a range of models

Barry Hankin, Head of Environmental Modelling

Barry is JBA’s Head of Environmental Modelling and has worked for JBA for over 12 years, having previously worked for the EA, SEPA and in academia. His work has centered around understanding whole catchment risks better, covering a range of disciplines including, flood risk management, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, diffuse pollution and GIS.

Iain Craigen BSc MSc

Iain is an environmental catchment and flood risk modeller with 10 years’ experience in GIS. He is part of JBA’s team leading ‘whole catchment’ surface runoff modelling to investigate the attenuation benefits from NFM. Iain uses the Augmented Reality Sandbox to support education and stakeholder engagement.

Dr Nick Chappell

Nick is a Senior Lecturer at Lancaster Environmental Centre, Lancaster University, and teaches undergraduate, masters and PhD research projects in field hydrology and hydrological modelling. His research focuses on rainfall-runoff processes.

Prof Rob Lamb, Chief Scientist

Rob is JBA’s Chief Scientist and an Honorary Professor at LEC with over 20 years’ experience of academic and applied research in stochastic and process-based hydrology, computational hydraulics, flood risk analysis and climate change assessment.

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