Introduction to Wastewater systems

JBA Flood Risk Management training course

The water industry’s regulators require economically efficient wastewater management that minimises the environmental impacts. Customers want efficient services which do not flood their homes. With ever increasing demands on wastewater systems (climate change, population growth and creep, new hygiene products, Water Framework Directive, carbon accounting etc) the need to understand and manage these systems has never been greater.

You will gain an overview of the nature and development of wastewater systems, the assets and sources of flow, and of current practices for planning operational and capital investment.

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This course is aimed at people with some or limited experience of wastewater systems who want a general overview of the components of wastewater systems, how new systems are designed and operated, their impacts and how water companies plan the upgrade of their systems.

You will obtain a general overview of the assets that constitute wastewater systems, how these systems can fail and how systems are managed.

Paul Eccleston BA CertWEM CEnv MCIWEM C.WEM

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