Sediment Transport Modelling

JBA River Hydraulics and Modelling training course

HEC-RAS (5.0) has new advanced facilities for 1D simulation of the movement of sediment, changes of bed level, sediment composition and the facility to model in detail changes in banks. This hands-on one day course will introduce HEC-RAS users to the theoretical background and practical data issues to use the tool and the new facilities. At the end of the course you should be able to use the sediment options in HEC-RAS, understand the data needs and be able to interpret results.

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Land surveyors, hydraulic modellers and project managers involved in both topographical surveys and model building/management.

  • To introduce sediment modelling to users experienced in HEC-RAS used for 1D modelling
  • To present the tools and options available in HEC-RAS to analyse sheer stress and represent sediment transport for mixed sediment sizes and bed processes
  • To be able to use the HEC-RAS facilities for simulation for bed erosion, scour, deposition and bank erosion
  • To gain knowledge of how to represent management options such as river restoration, sediment trapping or dredging
  • To discuss the situations where a 1D model is appropriate, the data needs and the role limitations for geomorphological analysis


Managing Director of Mekong Modelling Associates, Tony has over 32 year’s professional experience in water management. He has lived and worked in Cambodia since 2007 and has worked on flood management and climate change adaptation projects in the Mekong basin since 1999. Tony has specialist skills in sediment transport modelling.

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