Remote Sensing in Flood Risk Management

JBA Flood Risk Management training course

One day course providing practical advice on:

  • The use of remote sensing in flood risk management
  • Data sourcing, collection and processing
  • Data fusion (use of multiple datasets)
  • Applications
  • Data uncertainties and limitations
  • Current and upcoming data availability/future trends

The course will be delivered through a series of case studies and there will be hands-on exercises and additional learning materials provided. Customised courses are available on request focusing on a specific data type or application area.

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Anyone who is currently involved or interested in the commissioning or use of remote sensing data, or the derivation of geospatial information from a variety of Earth Observation (EO) sensors. It is also relevant to managers interested in understanding more about EO technologies and their application in flood risk management.

A good appreciation of the range and availability of remotely-sensed data, methods and procedures for sourcing data. Basic information on processing requirements and software needed. The potential applications of remote sensing for flood risk management. The risks and limitations of using remotely-sensed data.

Dr John Bevington BSc MSc PhD DAS

John is a Technical Director at JBA Consulting and has over 10 years’ industry experience.  His roles include project delivery and business development with a focus on disaster risk management, remote sensing, product innovation and design, project management and outreach.  He has a diverse professional background in consulting and research, specialising in the assessment of user needs, identifying new business opportunities, bringing new technology products to market, and communication through presentations and publications of technical and non-technical content

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