Introduction to Management of Sensitive Water Environments

JBA Ecology and Environment training course

A hands-on, example driven course that provides an introduction to managing sensitive water environments. This one day course looks at a number of types of groundwater and surface water dependent environments which are often designated as SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). A basic introduction to understanding surface water and groundwater hydrology is provided. This is then applied to a number of hydroecological environments. The basis for site monitoring and the options for site water management are explored.

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People involved in site management, whether this is sites with some water-environment interest, SSSI sites, local or national nature reserves. Those involved in water level management plans, or managing wetland sites for other purposes such as flood mitigation.

To develop a basic understanding of the processes controlling water within a site and be able to develop a monitoring plan and outline a water management strategy for a site.

Jonathan Whitmore BSc MIFM

Jon is JBA’s Lead in Hydroecology, and has over 15 years of experience in freshwater fisheries ecology and catchment and river restoration. He has experience of managing feasibility, optioneering, impact assessment (including full Environmental Statement production) and all stages of design work in relation to catchment and river restoration including weir removal, ‘close to nature’ and technical fish pass design; managing large, multi-disciplinary teams of technical specialists; engaging with key regulatory and nonstatutory stakeholders across Yorkshire whilst delivering river restoration/engineering projects.

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