Hydrological and ecological impacts of run of river model hydropower schemes

JBA Catchment and River Restoration training course

This one day course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the operational principles of hydroelectric power generation, including detailed consideration of the seasonality of water availability in the fluvial context. It will highlight the potential impact of hydropower schemes on aquatic ecosystems and some of the measures commonly used to mitigate against this impact.

The structure of the course comprises a series of presentations, discussions and worked examples. This course can be tailored to suit an audience with specific interests in the English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish regulatory framework.

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Those involved in the regulation of run-of-river hydropower schemes, in particular subject specialists (e.g. hydrologists, hydromorphologists, ecologists) wanting to gain a broader overview of the wider impacts and mitigation measures available.

  • Basis of and application of hydropower licensing requirements
  • Introduction to the sensitivities of ecology to discharge
  • Ecological impacts of all types of run-of-river hydropower schemes
  • How potential impacts can be mitigated against

Dr David Mould BSc MSc CEnv MCIWEM C.WEM

David has a background in hydrology, hydraulics and fisheries science. At JBA David has worked within Flood Mapping, Applied Hydrology and Fisheries teams, where he has further enhanced his knowledge and experience of hydraulic modelling, hydrology, fisheries and project management. David is part of JBA’s Catchment and River Restoration Team.

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