Fundamentals in Hydroecology

JBA Catchment and River Restoration training course

The one day course comprises a series of presentations, discussions and worked examples. Hydroecology is the study of the interaction of water and ecology. In fluvial systems, a key driver of the nature of a given aquatic community is the physical habitat available resulting from the interaction of river flow and geomorphology. This is complex as it varies both spatially and temporally, but an understanding of these interactions is fundamental to both improving and preventing deterioration of river ecosystems.

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Anybody interested in developing their knowledge of hydroecology, in particular those involved in river restoration, abstraction consenting, WFD assessment or any type of instream works, in either the public, private or third sector.

  • Understanding of the fundamental relationships between flow and ecology
  • Understanding of the sensitivity of ecology to flow
  • Knowledge of the tools for understanding hydroecological processes and hydroecological change

Dr David Mould BSc MSc CEnv MCIWEM C.WEM

David has a background in hydrology, hydraulics and fisheries science. At JBA David has worked within Flood Mapping, Applied Hydrology and Fisheries teams, where he has further enhanced his knowledge and experience of hydraulic modelling, hydrology, fisheries and project management. David is part of JBA’s Catchment and River Restoration Team.

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