Introduction to 2D Flood Modelling using TUFLOW

JBA River Hydraulics and Modelling training course

TUFLOW is particularly suitable for modelling flow in coastal waters, estuaries, rivers, floodplains and urban areas, where flow patterns are primarily 2D in nature. The one day course provides you with an introduction to the mechanics of TUFLOW and guides you through the development and evaluation of a TUFLOW model.

No prior knowledge of TUFLOW is assumed but previous experience of ArcGIS software would be beneficial. Coupled TUFLOW with 1D models will be covered in Day 2. The course can be delivered in MapInfo and QGIS formats, please advise when booking.

It is recommended that ‘Introduction to 2D Flood Modelling using TUFLOW’ and ‘Introduction to 1D-2D Flood modelling using Flood Modeller-TUFLOW’ be taken together. Modellers proficient in 2D modelling may wish to attend day two of the course only.

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This course is aimed at environmental modellers with reasonable IT and GIS skills.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand when TUFLOW can be used
  • Understand the basic mechanics of TUFLOW
  • Learn to install TUFLOW and associated programs
  • Learn to set up, run and evaluate a simple TUFLOW model
  • Gain an awareness of the advanced features of TUFLOW
  • Understand the limitations of TUFLOW


Ben is a Chartered Senior Analyst and is an experienced hydraulic modeller specialising in the development and review of 1D and 1D/2D models. He is an advanced user of GIS and develops flood risk models in software including ESTRY, Flood Modeller, JFlow and TUFLOW. Ben is a reviewer of models developed both internally and externally on behalf of clients.

Guy Dixon BSc MSc

Guy is a Senior Analyst at JBA and is an experienced hydraulic modeller specialising in the linking of 1D/2D models. He is an advanced user of GIS and a range of 1D and 2D modelling software, including Flood Modeller, HEC-RAS, ESTRY, TUFLOW, SMS and INFOWORKS. Guy is a modeller reviewer and regularly undertakes independent hydraulic modelling reviews both internally and on behalf of clients.

Jose Sabatini BEng PgDip MSc

José is a Senior Analyst with JBA and has 13 years’ experience in the field of environmental consultancy. Over the last nine years José has worked in UK environmental consultancy and has a wealth of knowledge in both 1D and 2D modelling gained across numerous projects and over a decade of hands-on experience. He has been involved in fluvial, pluvial (surface water), coastal and sewer model assessments utilising a vast array of common modelling packages to achieve the best results, from macro scale scour assessments of individual bridge piers, site-specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) in support of development applications, up to catchment and national scale flood risk mapping projects.

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