Flood Estimation Handbook

JBA Catchment Hydrology and Modelling training course

This course will give you hands-on use of the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) methods. It covers all the latest guidance and findings from research including the ReFH2 method, FEH13 design rainfalls, small catchments research and FEH Local guidance. The course is led by experienced tutors who can provide a unique blend of inside knowledge, of the FEH research and recent updates, and many years of practical experience of implementing the FEH methods on a wide variety of catchments.

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The course is aimed at those who will be using the FEH methods to estimate design flows. You should have basic knowledge of flood hydrology.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the key principles of the FEH
  • Understand the steps involved in the FEH statistical and ReFH2 methods
  • Know how to use the FEH web service, WINFAP, ReFH2 and related software
  • Be aware of options for dealing with unusual catchments
  • Know how to record and check the calculations in accordance with industry guidelines
  • Understand common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Duncan Faulkner MSc DIC MA FCIWEM C.WEM CSci

Head of Hydrology, Duncan is a specialist in flood hydrology and has over 22 years’ experience both in research projects and many consultancy studies. He has developed training courses on flood estimation methods for JBA and the Environment Agency. He is a former member of the Flood Estimation Handbook research team and author of the Environment Agency’s Flood Estimation Guidelines. He is also a lecturer on the Lancaster University and JBA PgCert course on flood hydrology.

He has also worked extensively in Ireland, including leading two packages of research in the Flood Studies Update programme. He also led the hydrology for the Western CFRAM project and acted an expert witness following flooding in Cork. He has been running training for clients throughout Ireland for nearly 20 years.

James Molloy BE(Hons) MEngSc

James is a technical specialist in flood hydrology, hydrometry and flood risk modelling, with over six years’ consultancy experience.  He has aided the delivery of numerous flood risk modelling studies for JBA, on a range of catchment types across the UK and Ireland, using his expert knowledge of statistical Flood Estimation Handbook / Flood Studies Update methods and rural / urban rainfall-runoff models. James has also been involved with numerous research studies in flood hydrology, analysing complex regional-scale hydrological problems, for example carrying out post-event analysis of past flood events.

Our next Flood Estimation Handbook Users course will be delivered at our JBA Head office in Skipton on the 28th and 29th September. The fee for the full course is £900 + VAT per person.

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