Environmental Impact Assessments for infrastructure projects

JBA Ecology and Environment training course

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations require certain developments which have the potential to be harmful to the environment to go through an assessment process to determine significance. EIA in the UK has developed under national and European legislation.  In 2017 the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations were updated.

This course covers the evolution of EIA, relevant legislation and describes its application using explanatory examples.  The course will help delegates who contribute to and undertake the process in their work.  The day will include group work, case studies and discussions to develop a greater understanding of the application of the regulations and provide opportunity to exchange experiences.

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The course follows the development of EIA in UK and the current applicable legislation.  We can tailor the course to consider the English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Ireland systems.   Core sessions include:

  • Screening
  • Scoping
  • Preparing an Environmental Statement
  • Making a planning application and consultation

Each session is supported by actual Case Studies and group learning

Sessions are limited to 16 delegates for learning.

This course is aimed at practitioners in consultancy, stakeholders, developers and regulators working in sector who require an understanding of how the EIA Regulations apply to them, the processes involved and the constraints it may impose on their activities.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand how the EIA Regulations apply to land drainage/flood risk management works and be able to identify when an EIA is required.
  • Understand the broad stage in EIA and critical elements and requirements for each.
  • Be confident to understand the requirements of a Screening, Scoping and preparation of an Environmental Statement.

Dorian Latham BA PhD CEnv MCIEEM

Dorian Latham grew-up on the North West Coast.  He has over 30-years’ experience working in ecological research, the Environment Agency and environmental consultancy.  He has a PhD in Ecology and a Chartered Environmentalist.

Dorian has prepared numerous Environmental Statements and non-statutory Environmental Reports for public and private clients.  He routinely takes the role of editor and technical reviewer, but provides specialist knowledge to the Ecology, Water Quality / Water Framework Directive and Cumulative Impacts sections.  Since 2001 Dorian has worked on large infra-structure schemes in flood defence and transportation.  He is fully familiar with Highways Agency’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) environmental assessment procedures, including the WebTAG methodology.

His knowledge of European Protected Species remains a focus of his work and he has wide-ranging experience in great crest crested newts, white-clawed crayfish and water voles.

Dorian has published a range of peer-reviewed paper and contributes to professional conferences.

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