Economic Appraisal: Advanced Users Course

JBA Flood Risk Management training course

An advanced course for those already familiar with economic appraisal wishing to learn more about quantifying some of the wider indirect and intangible aspects of flooding. This course will be hands-on with more exercises allowing you to interpret some of the lesser known elements of the Multi- Coloured Manual and the FCERM-AG spreadsheets. Real life case studies to help demonstrate some of the techniques and data available are used.

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This course is aimed at engineers and scientists with an existing knowledge of flood damage calculations, whole life costing and economic appraisal.  Previous experience of the Multi-Coloured Manual and the FCERM-AG spreadsheet is essential.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand breach probability and how to assess this
  • Understand the difference between coastal erosion and flood inundation damages
  • Incorporate agricultural damages
  • Understand the options and methods of property capping
  • Incorporate a range of indirect damages
  • Include and quantify intangible health impacts
  • Understand amenity benefits methodologies
  • Consider temporary accommodation and evacuation losses
  • Understand a range of critical infrastructure damages/ disruption
  • Understand the applicability of ecosystem services within an appraisal
  • Consider when and how to incorporate site surveys
  • Consider ideas on how to present of flood damages
  • Understand when and how to assess financial aspects

Angus Pettit BSc MSc CEnv CSci MCIWEM C.WEM

Angus is a Technical Director for economic appraisal. He has undertaken economic appraisals across the UK for a range of project types and has recently worked on a number of research projects in relation to property level protection, asset management and cost estimation. He is an experienced hydraulic modeller with high skill levels in a range of modelling techniques to support the assessments of flood risk for use in engineering works, flood forecasting, flood alleviation schemes, flood risk assessments, post flood studies and flood hazard mapping purposes.

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