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Our extensive range of informative and engaging training courses are delivered by tutors with years of practical experience. Available as part of an open programme with scheduled dates throughout the year.

From entry-level training to advanced tuition in specialist modelling software, our courses offer something for everyone. They are illustrated by real life examples, with hands- on sessions allowing you to gain practice and confidence in interpreting the material and methods.

COVID-19 update

Most of our scheduled courses are now delivered online using Microsoft Teams, however we are gradually reintroducing face-to-face courses on specific topics. Please contact us for more information.

Upcoming courses

Course topics

Culvert at Hathersage, Hope Valley
Flood Risk Asset Inspection Accreditation (T98)

Flood Risk Asset Inspection Awareness.
More info

Flood Risk Asset Accreditation. More info

JBA Catchment hydrology
Catchment Hydrology and Flood Estimation

Introduction to the Flood Estimation Handbook. More info

Flood Estimation Handbook. More info

Flood Hydrology for non-specialists. More info

Creating an on-site Reservoir Flood Plan - JBA Consulting
Reservoir and Dam Training

Reservoir Emergency Planning. More info

Reservoir Hydrology and Hydraulics. More info

Gayle Beck Restoration - Morphological Hydraulic Modelling
River Hydraulics and Modelling

Blockage and Debris. More info

Survey for River Models. More info

River Modelling Methods. More info

Climate change adaptation training

We’ve teamed up with Climate Sense to offer training on best practice in climate change adaptation,  incorporating the requirements of the first standard to be published in this area: ISO14090 (Adaptation to Climate Change – Principles, Requirements and Guidelines).

Our free online course introduces the concepts and benefits of developing a climate adaptation strategy, whilst our tutor-lead courses provide more detail on all of the ISO’s requirements, helping organisations to build their resilience to current and future climate change impacts. Contact Katy Tunney for a full course programme.

Bespoke Courses - JBA Consulting

Book one of our bespoke training courses

We can work with you to create bespoke courses delivered at locations and times to suit your needs. We can also help you turn your concept for an e-learning course into a bespoke deliverable e-learning package. Contact our Learning and Development team for more information.

Postgraduate training with Lancaster University

We are working in partnership with the world class Lancaster University to offer accredited postgraduate training for water and environmental management professionals.

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