Evaluating Hydrometry Support Facility (HydroHub) for the World Meteorological Organisation

This project involved evaluating the Global Hydrometry Support Facility (WMO HydroHub) for the World Meteorological Organisation to produce a mid-term external evaluation assessing the overall progress and providing recommendations for its future evolution.

  • Client World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)
  • Location Global / Switzerland
  • Wider
    Sub-consultants: Applied Hydro Solutions Ltd.
  • Services


The Global Hydrometry Support Facility (WMO HydroHub) makes the portfolio of expertise among WMO Members – from science to technology to services – available to support access to end-users of hydrometeorological data and services from various economic sectors as tailored services.

It was initiated to strengthen national monitoring capabilities across the globe. It aims to establish the capacity and facility to assist national institutions in integrating their data with that of others at regional and global levels and to embark on a transformation journey where innovation is at the core. More information about WMO HydroHub is available here. 


Through a series of stakeholder consultation exercises involving questionnaires and interviews within WMO Secretariat, member country representatives and other players, we were able to evaluate the WMO HydroHub initiative and provide recommendations for its future evolution. The evaluation report drew on our experience in international development, hydrometeorology and capacity building.


We carried out the evaluation and provided a report and webinar presentation to WMO HydroHub Advisory Council members. The recommendations from this project are helping the WMO in the next steps for the evolution of the WMO HydroHub initiative.

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