Yorkshire Future Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project – raising awareness of property flood resilience across Yorkshire

Yorkshire pathfinder partner logosThe Yorkshire Future Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project led by City of York Council and supported by JBA Consulting and the Yorkshire Integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) is one of three Defra commissioned projects across England. These projects are aimed at understanding and overcoming the barriers to the uptake of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) whilst identifying incentives such as training and community flood awareness, that will serve to drive positive behaviour change.

Yorkshire Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder

The Yorkshire Pathfinder has been established to raise awareness of PFR and local flood risk within local communities and businesses, and aims to identify barriers to the uptake of PFR across a range of Yorkshire-based stakeholder groups. These include residential and commercial property owners and occupiers, the property sector and trades, building suppliers, insurers, financial influencers and flood risk management authorities. The findings will be used to develop and deliver a suite of resources to overcome such barriers, helping to increase levels of awareness and flood resilience to future flooding in Yorkshire.Pathfinder work packages

The Yorkshire Pathfinder is being delivered through four work packages:

  1. Qualitative and quantitative research across stakeholder groups to benchmark current knowledge of PFR and any barriers to the uptake of PFR
  2. Developing and creating a variety of resources and materials where there are gaps in the knowledge of flood risk and PFR to improve awareness and showcase PFR and wider flood risk measures.
  3. Delivering resources throughout Yorkshire and sharing local knowledge and experiences of flood recovery with partners.
  4. Repeating the qualitative and quantitative research undertaken in work package 1, evaluating the difference in attitude, perception and uptake of PFR following the materials and resources delivered in work package 3.

After its conclusion in 2021, the outcome of the Yorkshire Pathfinder will demonstrate which resources can be successful in raising awareness of the importance of flood resilience, inform future studies into the most effective ways to engage people concerning PFR uptake and support the development of a more flood-aware society, and encourage the take-up of PFR schemes by risk management authorities through the Environment Agency’s National PFR Framework.

Work Package 2 – latest news

Initially, the project was to lead with face-to-face engagement sessions at sites across Yorkshire, including displays and demonstrations of PFR measures. However, due to the impact of Covid-19, the project has shifted to an online approach. The following displays and materials are being developed within the suite of resources:

  • The Yorkshire Pathfinder website is being developed in partnership with Bluestorm Design to provide a central space for Yorkshire-based Property Flood Resilience knowledge and to host a range of resources. These resources will include a series of informative articles ‘From risk to resilience’ which are being produced in partnership with six local authorities discussing flood risk and Property Flood Resilience. The website will be available in late 2020 through this link: yorkshirefloodresilience.co.uk
  • Working with the Living with Water Project, the Yorkshire Pathfinder is co-developing a PFR demonstration site at Wilberforce College in Hull, providing opportunities for hands-on engagement with Property Flood Resilience products for both professional audiences and school groups.
  • The Yorkshire Pathfinder is sponsoring a selection of episodes in the ‘Hazard + Hope’ YouTube series by The Environmental Design Studio, including success stories on the ways in which homes and businesses have been made more flood resilient, content on the key principles of PFR and an overview of the Code of Practice.
  • A series of animations are being created by the Yorkshire Pathfinder Team and United by Design (a York-based agency) which will demonstrate PFR products on a property.
  • An online training package is being developed in partnership with TrainingToolz for public and professional audiences, that will provide an introduction to the key principles of PFR and examples of the variety of measures available.

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Email Shelley Evans for more information about independent property surveys and the Yorkshire Future Flood Resilience Pathfinder. You can also find out more on our Property Flood Resilience webpages.

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