World Water Week 2018: the countdown is ticking!

In less than three days water professionals from all over the world will meet in Stockholm to network, share knowledge, promote innovative thinking and propose solutions to the globe’s water issues at World Water Week (WWW). Enrico Lucca, Assistant Engineer, is attending the event and lets us know what to look out for.

I have been looking forward to being part of such a multicultural and forward-thinking movement since my application to engage as a Volunteer Assistant was successful in May.

WWW is organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) with the ultimate goal of strengthening water governance by providing a meeting place for policy makers, scientists and the private sector. This year’s thematic scope ‘Water, ecosystems and human development’ explores the interrelationships between these spheres and their critical role in sustainable development.

Not only do these topics align well with the targets set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate Agreement, but they also investigate the links between them to help achieve an integrated management of water, ecosystems and human development.

Well-functioning ecosystems critically rely on water, whilst our livelihoods and well-being depend on healthy ecosystems. Yet human development irreversibly affects the natural environment and alters the water cycle.

Influential community

For a young professional like me, who is passionate about his job and studies in the water sector, engaging in WWW is the realisation of a long-standing ambition. It presents a unique insight into the world’s most influential community of water professionals.

The thematic scope of the week brings together my knowledge in water systems and processes gained from my university studies in Italy and Sweden, and my professional experience in flood and water management at JBA.

The principles behind an integrated approach to water, ecosystems and human development are the pillars on which my colleagues from the drainage engineering team and I base the design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) upon. The design of SuDS aims to mimic the natural water cycle to support flood risk management while promoting ecosystem integrity and providing amenity benefits with the ultimate goal of creating ‘blue-green’ cities.

Volunteering at World Water Week

Being an assistant at WWW means helping SIWI ‘on the ground’ by assisting presenters during seminars and talks, helping with registration, and providing support during ceremonies and field trips. I am looking forward to taking on these responsibilities, to being the face of SIWI, and to collaborating with other young professionals to deliver an enjoyable and enriching experience for participants.

When free from my role as assistant I will have time to attend sessions, join dialogues and engage in discussions. I have already pencilled in the opening plenary, taking place on Monday 27 August, which includes the keynote address of UN Deputy Secretary General H.E. Amina J Mohammed. I’m also hoping to attend key sessions within the thematic seminar ‘Urban and ecosystem development: hand in hand’.

Want to know more?

Email Lucca for any queries and discussions about World Water Week and follow his blog posts next week for videos, news and updates. You can also follow all the action on the World Water Week website.

Find out more our work in the area on our flood and water management web pages.

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