Working with Natural Processes – Modelling techniques

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Tailored to give attendees the opportunity to learn about a wide spectrum of modelling techniques that help us understand catchment processes and hydraulics in relation to WWNP (Working with Natural Processes), whilst also discovering practical advice from our in-house technical specialists on using these approaches to assess changes in risk and uncertainty.


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28 June 2021

This course is suitable for flood risk professionals, engineers and scientists who wish to improve their understanding of the wide spectrum of modelling techniques applied to WWNP, alongside the opportunity to practice hands-on exercises incorporating a range of models.

What does the course cover?

This course aims to give attendees a clear understanding of modelling techniques and approaches applied to WWNP. From simple estimates of changes to conveyance, through to 2D rainfall driven hydraulics or parsimonious rainfall-runoff models of WWNP measures, we will provide advice on using these approaches to assess changes in risk and uncertainty. The key exercises will be undertaken in freely available software including QGIS, HEC-RAS 2D and Dynamic Topmodel.

Topics covered in this 1 day course are:

Flood Modelling – background, theory and practice

  • Assessing the potential for WWNP
  • Background to maps
  • Modelling guidance
  • Collaborative working and engagement
  • Slowing the flow and infiltration storage
  • Case studies including model proving and modelling uncertainty

The course will also cover:

  • Recent Natural Flood Management modelling and advances in techniques from UKRI projects
  • Water resource benefits of WWNP
  • Risk, residual risk, whole systems and uncertainty

About the trainer

Our presenter for this course is Barry Hankin, Head of Environmental Modelling, BSc, PhD, FCIWEM, C.WEM.  Barry has 25 years’ experience in the sector: five in academic; three in regulatory; and sixteen years’ experience in consultancy – for over half of which he has been Head of Environmental Modelling at JBA Consulting. Barry specialises in modelling and management of whole-catchment risks, advancing techniques for distributed modelling of nature-based solutions and diffuse pollution measures to improve our understanding of resilience.

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