Working With Natural Processes at the River Restoration Conference 2016

Actions which manage flood and coastal erosion risk through protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating function of catchments, rivers, floodplains and coasts is now commonly referred to as Working with Natural Processes (WWNP).

A national R&D project which aims to develop a high quality ‘Working with Natural Processes’ evidence base to support the use of these methods to reduce flood risk has just been launched. The research is managed by the Environment Agency on behalf of partners including SEPA, Natural England, Forestry Commission and the Woodland Trust.

Steve Rose, JBA’s expert in WWNP is leading the consortium team of researchers and specialists from the James Hutton Institute, Newcastle University, Lancaster University and Forest Research.

Identifying opportunities

Steve will be leading a workshop on the subject at the forthcoming River Restoration Conference in Blackpool, 26 and 27 April. This workshop will be used to help identify the opportunities and limitations of WWNP measures to manage flood risks. It will also help identify the opportunities for multiple benefits from the application of these methods.

A lot of research has already been undertaken on this topic but it has never been synthesised in one location nor presented in a manner that is accessible to a wide range of flood risk practitioners. The research programme is planned to address this through providing an evidence base, a tool box and the identification of potential long term ‘on the ground’ research platforms.

The Environment Agency and JBA see the River Restoration Conference in Blackpool as a great opportunity to engage a wider audience in WWNP and the longer term research aspirations.

Want to know more?

Please contact Steve Rose who will also be in attendance at the conference and would be delighted to explain more about the R&D project and JBA’s wider range of work on this topic.

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