Working with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

We are working with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of the DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership. The partnership is enabled by £2.5 million of funding provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The DerwentWISE project aims to inspire people to learn about and take care of the landscape of the Lower Derwent Valley.

The UNESCO Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (WHS) lies within the Lower Derwent Valley. The water management structures associated with the industrial heritage of the valley make a significant contribution to the Outstanding Universal Value of the WHS. Understanding the condition of this infrastructure is important to preserving the character of the WHS, as catastrophic failure has the potential to give rise to landscape scale changes.

We have been appointed to deliver two outcomes:

  • undertake a condition survey and structural assessment of the Rock Weir below Belper Bridge, and the Foundry Weir at Milford.
  • provide training to volunteers to enable them to monitor and assess the condition and ‘health status’ of structures within the watercourses of the Derwent Valley.

Want to find out more?

Contact Jeremy Benn to know more information on the over-arching DerwentWISE project.

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