Working together to manage flood risk

On 5-6 February we will attend Sniffer’s annual Flood Risk Management Conference taking place at Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow.

Angus Pettit, Technical Director, commented, ‘We always look forward to attending Sniffer’s conference. It’s a key event in our conference calendar as it allows us to share knowledge and best practice with our industry peers, learning from each other for us all to move forward.’

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Working together to manage flood risk,’ with four sessional themes:

  • Scotland’s policy landscape for flood risk managers
  • Surface water management
  • Coastal flood risk management
  • Innovation

The conference is a key opportunity for Scotland’s flood risk management community to come together. We work strongly within the flood risk management community in Scotland and this conference is an incredibly useful opportunity to speak to our clients and a wider audience to develop links and understand the direction of travel within flood risk management.

Coastal defences demonstration

Come and speak to us on our market place stand about economic appraisal and the monetisation of environmental benefits as well as wave overtopping and innovations in surface water mapping. We will be showcasing the JBA Trust’s portable wave tank which demonstrates the performance of coastal defences under different wave conditions.

Our hydraulic model can help communities understand flood risk in a realistic way. Coupled with fly throughs we find this beneficial in educating and inspiring scientists and engineers of the future as well as helping communities understand their risk.

Practical applications in the monetisation of environmental benefits

Angus is presenting at the conference. He will discuss three case studies which look at practical applications in the monetisation of environmental benefits.

In a world of restricted budgets and projects competing for limited funds, the ability to demonstrate that your project costs are outweighed by the benefits, in addition to achieving the stated aims and wider benefits, is becoming ever more important. Whilst there are a multitude of techniques available to consider and qualify the project aims and any wider social/environmental benefits, the failure to quantify the monetary benefits of restoration projects can risk underselling a business case.

Coastal flood risk management

Jenny Hornsby and Doug Pender, from our Coastal Risk Management Team, have also been invited by SEPA to present at the designated Coastal Flood Risk Management session. The presentation will involve a description of our work to update the Coastal Flood Boundary dataset across Scotland and SEPA’s new multivariate offshore dataset. It will focus on the use of these datasets for updating SEPA’s Coastal Flood Risk maps for northeast Scotland, delivered by our teams.

JBA in Scotland

We have developed innovative solutions to reduce flood risk through improved mapping, warning and the design of flood protection schemes and have also developed online tools to assess property level protection.

With two offices in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow, we have a good working knowledge of policy and practice and can converse with delegates about real projects from Natural Flood Management through to scheme appraisals and coastal flood risk and warning. We’ve also developed innovative models to map surface water flood risk using JFlow® and can assess risk using our Flood RISk Metric (FRiSM) tool.

Want to know more?

Contact David Bassett for more information on our work in Scotland or to arrange to meet him at the conference. You can also find out more on our ‘where we work’ web page and can see a selection of our Scottish projects in the Knowledge Hub.

Contact our software team for more information on JFlow® and Flood RISk Metric (FRiSM) tool.

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