Working in Water Resource Management at JBA

The management and resilience of our water resources is fast becoming a critical issue to affect the UK. Climate change is set to both increase winter rainfall and lead to hotter, drier summers. Our growing Water Resource Management team supports our clients to prepare and adapt to these diverging conditions, encouraging and delivering effective water management and integration. Read on to find out more about our newest recruits Dimitrios Goukos and Rowan Barker’s experiences of joining the team.

water resource management Rowan: “JBA appealed to me due to the variation of work the company undertakes for clients and their dedication to the environment. It’s been a great route into environmental consultancy, with the ability to work on projects across the UK. I’ve already seen how the projects demonstrate the understanding of different clients’ needs. 

My first month at the company has already seen me taking part in external meetings and projects with the support of my team. They have also helped develop my report writing and cartography which are essential to my line of work. I thought it would take a while for me to be involved verbally in team meetings due to being new. However, I am already providing clients with project updates alongside my team members. Although starting a new job has its challenges such as adopting new report styles and learning new software, my team has not hesitated to help and explain to me anything I need. 

So far, I have worked on hydrogeological impact assessments for quarries and waterways. Work on groundwater risk assessment for county councils has highlighted the importance of water resource management regarding preventing pollution pathways. I’m currently working on a nature based solutions project in southeast England, focusing on water storage within catchments. I have also had the opportunity to work on water resource management linked to transport systems. 

Joining the company during the Covid-19 pandemic is not without challenges (e.g. working remotely), but having frequent virtual meetings has allowed me to establish good working relationships with my colleagues. Working with clients in this way has now become the norm. Although it would be easier to be present amongst colleagues in the office as a new starter, I feel I am well supported on a day-to-day basis. 

JBA’s flexible approach to working has really stood out in that, whilst you are part of one team of specialists, people in other teams will not hesitate to help if needed. This community feeling is particularly impressive considering there many offices over the UK and a wide variety of teams for different projects. JBA also seem very proactive in the push for environmental standards internally which for me is a stand out example of the company’s forward-thinking.” 

Dimitrios: “I recently started working for JBA as Senior Flood Analyst in the Warrington office. Iwater resource management work mainly with the Glasgow team, on hydrology and flood risk assessments.  

While studying for my MSc in Hydrology and Water Recourses Management at Imperial College London, I frequently attended lectures run by external tutors from JBA that presented state-of-the-art implementations in hydrological processes and flooding. This prompted my interest and admiration for the company. Since then, I have discovered that JBA is a company owned by its employees, which makes it unique and exemplary. This ‘singularity’ is reflected in my experience of the working relationships, the way all employees collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences – in addition to the high quality of the work they produce.  

The scope of the proposed subjects I have been working on, in just my second month with the company, has been vast and hugely interesting. I enjoy the challenges of my new role, as they offer me a chance to be involved in different things and discover my own competence and potential in subjects I have long wanted to work in. Currently, I am working on projects relating to Flood Risk Assessments, Surface Water Management Plans and Water Resources and waiting to join projects relevant to Hydraulic Modelling and Waste Water Management.  

Working from home through the pandemic has proven challenging for everyone despite the flexibility it offered.  I would say it has the potential to somewhat limit the opportunities to really get to know your colleagues. However, everyone at JBA has been very supportive and helpful in getting me acclimatised.” 

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If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge, contact Peter May for an informal discussion about the roles available in our Water Resource Management team.

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