Work experience for local school boy

We’ve recently hosted a student from a local school in Skipton for his work experience week. The school, which prides itself on its nurturing and inclusive community, encourages its students to commit themselves fully to the pursuit of excellence and to develop the social and personal skills that will serve them well in later life.

“I have enjoyed my time at JBA as it has given me an insight into what the working world is like, as well as what kind of tasks take place in a company like this. The jobs I was given were very interesting as I have never done anything like them before and so have learnt a lot during the week. I would like to take a geography course at university and so now have a rough idea of what to expect in my future career.”

Throughout the week tasks undertaken included:

  • Use of geographical information systems (GIS) to look at four different study areas – adding in the different layers necessary to see how different types of storm events would flood the area.
  • Learnt about Natural Flood Management.
  • Used the Flood Modeller programme to run data to obtain the minimum and maximum value for a river, e.g. flow.
  • Took appropriate photos for the Graduate Training Programme.
  • Checked over the graduate training programme to see which links needed replacing.
  • Compiled several PowerPoint presentations on Flood Risk Assessment into one PowerPoint for easier navigation and to ensure it had the new branding theme.
  • Using ArcGIS and digital terrain model (DTM) editing to change elevations and add in bridges and culverts so that the flood model was accurate when run.
  • Making sure the flow lines of rivers in the US were going in the right direction and that there were no errors in the mapping.

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