Weir Watchers on the Derwent

Jeremy Benn, Executive Chairman of the JBA Group, has volunteered for his local weir watchers group for the past two years.

The weir watchers recently carried out a new survey at the Duckbill Weir, Millford. Although in generally good condition, an eagle-eyed volunteer spotted a makeshift repair to keep the weir crest to its proper level and so it is now on the list as one to watch for the future.

Weir Hydraulic Design

Our Weir Hydraulic Design training course gives practical advice on the hydraulic design, maintenance, modification and removal of weirs. As well as case studies there are hands-on exercises and the use of a portable hydraulic flume to illustrate key hydraulic principles. Details of current key references and best practice guides are provided and exercises include the hand calculation for weir design.

Email Felicity Clarke to register your interest or to book a place on this course.

Keeping our weirs healthy

The Derbyshire Healthy Weirs Project is a community led initiative to help preserve and enhance the historic weirs within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. The project has involved the recruitment and training of 50 unpaid volunteer ‘Weir Watchers’ to monitor and inspect 10 of the weirs to assess the condition and ‘health status’ of structures within the watercourses of the Derwent Valley. The CIRIA Weirs Guide was used to provide training material for this.

In previous years the Weir Watchers have undertaken a condition survey and structural assessment of the Rock Weir below Belper Bridge, and the Foundry Weir at Milford.

River Weirs Guide

In 2016, CIRIA launched the ‘River Weirs: design, maintenance, modification and removal’ guide. 295 pages long, the guide is split into three parts which can be read together or independently:

  1. An overview – aimed at everyone with an interest in weirs
  2. The essentials of weir management – aimed at those responsible for policy and decision making
  3. Detailed technical guidance – aimed at those responsible for designing and constructing weirs or weir removals and managing weir assets.

According to the CIRIA website a new searchable database of over 200 references relating to all aspects of weir design, maintenance, modification and removal is coming soon.

Want to know more?

Email Jeremy Benn for more information on the Weir Watchers programme. You can also find out more on our flood and water management web pages.

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