Visit us at the River Restoration Conference this week in Brighton to see the national strategic Natural Flood Management (NFM) opportunity maps

We have developed an initial suite of national strategic opportunity maps on Natural Flood Management (NFM) for the Environment Agency (EA). NFM approaches (also referred to as Working with Natural Processes) are defined as managing flood risk by protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating function of catchments and rivers; i.e. reducing flood risk by storing water, slowing water, increasing floodplain connectivity and increasing soil infiltration. As well as providing a flood attenuation benefit, NFM can also bring a range of multiple benefits to the environment and society.

The maps are based on national datasets and highlight potential opportunities for NFM implementation in catchments. This includes the Woodlands for Water database originally developed by Forest Research encompassing catchment, riparian and floodplain woodland planting; areas of natural flow accumulation derived from the Flood Maps for Surface Water as Runoff Attenuation Features (RAFs), and soil structural improvements as a result of land use management change.

Next steps

We are currently developing a second suite of NFM opportunity maps for the EA for publication in Autumn 2017 to include the identification of potential locations for the implementation of gully blocking in the uplands and the reconnection of rivers to their floodplains. Watch this space!

Want to know more?

Come and speak to us at the River Restoration Conference in Brighton tomorrow where we will be demonstrating the full suite of over 4,500 interactive maps. Alternatively you can contact Barry Hankin or Steve Rose if you would like to find out more.





  • Phil Seddon

    I would be grateful for an email notice once the flood maps are on line. I am particularly interested in the District of Rossendale, Lancashire.

    • Hello Phil
      THank you for getting in touch with us about the NFM maps. I have passed your details onto Barry Hankin and Steve Rose who are working on these and one of them will contact you shortly to discuss further.
      Thank you
      Joanne Woodhouse
      Marketing Manager

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