Vicky Shackle shares her love of rivers for International Women in Engineering day

Vicky Shackle is based in our Newcastle office and is our Hydrology and Flood Warning Technical Director. We asked her about her time at JBA, since she joined us in September 2002, to celebrate International Women in Engineering day.

What’s a standard day like in your role?

I’ll probably be working on at least one report, managing project progress and finances, and maybe reviewing some hydrology calculations. I make a lot of phone calls and emails to clients, and also within JBA, to arrange meetings, discuss progress and make sure we can get paid for our work.

Top three things you like about my job

  1. People here are easy to work with
  2. I have a lot of control over how I manage my projects
  3. I really love rivers.

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

It was an accident! I started off working for the EA on fisheries and CEH doing river modelling. Then I joined JBA as a hydrologist and discovered it really suited me because of the mixture of geography, technical skills and creativity.

What’s the best project you’re working on?

I’m working on an England-wide policy project for the EA’s warning and forecasting team. They want to understand the best way to provide flood warnings for all the properties which are at flood risk, but which aren’t currently able to register for warnings.

At the beginning of 2017 I met staff in all the EA Areas to discuss how they proposed to provide these warnings. We planned different options for the EA to achieve this, including costs. The EA then asked for some more detailed GIS analysis of the properties at highest risk, with different costings. I had to get some help with the complex GIS, but I learnt a lot of new skills with it as well.

I’ve really enjoyed this project. It’s a change from my usual work, and has given me the opportunity to make new contacts in the EA all over England. Working on a project which will probably shape how flood warnings are delivered in the future is pretty exciting.

Want to know more?

Contact Vicky Shackle to discuss her work across JBA or visit our engineering pages for more information.

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