Using HEC-RAS v5.0.4 internationally

As our HEC-RAS 2D Modelling Workshop draws ever closer, Tony Green, Managing Director at Mekong Modelling Associates (MMA), explains how they’ve been using the latest v5.0.4 of the free software produced by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) to benefit our international clients.

“The new HECRAS v5.0.4 and the 2D capacity in particular has many new powerful features that open up opportunities in flood modelling not previously possible with open access software. We are studying and testing the software on the River Mekong which is a very large river, and comparing this with observation and other modelling.” commented Tony.

The HEC software offers a great platform for sharing models and findings with the community including:

  • 2D channel/floodplain modelling with compared with 1D cross section and 2D floodplain
  • Complex floodplain hydraulics and simulation of multiple channel/and embankments within a 2D domain for a large tidal delta area
  • Direct rainfall, surface water and local watercourse modelling in the 2D domain
  • Flood defence overtopping and breaching within low lying urban areas
  • New presentation tools such as particle tracking
  • Sediment transport and channel change/bank erosion
  • Floodway identification and structure interactions.

River Mekong example

The below 2D only channel and floodplain model shows an observed event on part of the River Mekong. Part one illustrates the propagation of flooding over time and the other highlights flow routes with the particle tracker function, which was a new feature in version 5 with the 2D solver.

The particle tracker animation shows a snapshot in time which highlights the benefits of the ‘high resolution sub-grid model’ within HEC 2D. This allows us to model relatively intricate flow routes within a coarse resolution 2D mesh over large areas – greatly reducing model simulation times whilst providing the required detail.

Mekong Modelling Associates

A member of the JBA family, MMA is a consultancy company set up in January 2014 to bring a high level of technical expertise in all areas of rivers and water management to the rapidly developing ASEAN region. We are committed to bringing a new level of high quality service whilst building up local expertise to support sustainable management of the water resources and aid the adaptation to climate change.

Tony, Founder and Director of MMA has over 32 year’s professional experience in water management. He has lived and worked in Cambodia since 2007 and has worked on flood management and climate change adaptation projects in the Mekong basin since 1999.

HEC-RAS 2D Modelling Workshop

We still have space on our HEC-RAS 2D Modelling workshop taking place on 25-27 June in London where we will once again host the lead developers of the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) software.

Gary Brunner, Senior Technical Hydraulic Engineer, and Cameron Ackerman, Senior Hydraulic Engineer, will deliver the workshop covering the latest v5.0.4 giving you the opportunity to learn from the software developers in person.

The workshop is aimed at those with a good background in open channel hydraulics and you must be familiar with the HEC-RAS software. Basic HEC-RAS input and output data requirements will not be covered in this class. Some experience applying HEC-RAS using the Unsteady Flow modelling components is recommended.

Visit our website for more information and to book your tickets today.

Want to know more?

Email Tony Green for more information on our work in Cambodia and beyond. You can also visit our flood modelling web page. If you want to find out more about HEC-RAS sign up for the workshop.

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