New baseline study to help the Scottish Government understand the uptake of property flood resilience

We are working with ClimateXChange to help the Scottish Government understand the uptake of property flood resilience (PFR). This forms part of the Living with Flooding: action plan set out by the Scottish Government in 2019 to help promote PFR in Scotland.

Last week the Property Flood Resilience – Scottish Baseline Study was published to provide a baseline for the uptake of flood resilience across Scotland and identify those properties that might benefit from resilience now and in the future.

This new study, co-authored by JBA’s Angus Pettit and Heather Kerr, will inform policy decisions and better understand how to invigorate uptake of property resilience. The research has analysed Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) flood-map data and qualitative surveys to determine the following:

  • The flood risk circumstances whereby properties would benefit from PFR
  • The estimated number of properties and businesses at risk from flooding in each local authority area which could benefit from PFR today and in the future, allowing for climate change projections
  • The uptake of PFR measures in Scotland in 2019, including how and when measures were installed.

Quantitative analysis was used to identify the number of residential and non-residential properties that could benefit, both at a national scale and a regional scale.

Key findings suggest that:

Potentially around 81,000 properties may benefit from the uptake of some kind of PFR measure. This is around one third of all properties at risk of flooding in Scotland from any source. All of these properties could benefit from some form of manual resistance measures such as door and window guards, airbrick covers. And of these, 64,000 could benefit from automatic measures such as sumps and pumps, non-return valves, automatic airbricks, and 40,000 may also benefit from resilience measures.  The full report can be read here.

These findings will support the Scottish Government and its partners in the Property Flood Resilience Delivery Group deliver the Living with Flooding: action plan. This plan, published in November 2019, outlines steps to promote PFR for delivering property flood resilience in Scotland, including building a better evidence base.

Want to know more?

Email Angus Pettit for more information about the Property Flood Resilience – Scottish Baseline Study. You can find more about our work with ClimateXChange in our blog here.

If you would like to find out more about property flood resilience, visit our flood resilience webpages.

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