UK Climate Projections: a catalyst for action

The long-awaited new UK climate projections (UKCP18) were published yesterday with a predictable media focus on the more eye-catching findings associated with potential extremes. These include:

  • Summers as hot as 2018 having a 50% chance of occurring by 2050
  • Potential sea level rises for London being over a metre.

The messages were however also pragmatic, highlighting the importance of the UK climate science capability in general and the UKCP18 projections. In particular, the projections have provided us with more robust predictions that can assist in resilience planning both here in the UK and across the globe.

Yes, we face a huge challenge and whilst we must do all we can to reduce emissions to a minimum, climate change is happening, and we cannot prevent it. There is a lot we can do though to build our resilience to promote the safety and well-being of our communities, the prosperity of our economy and the quality and quantity of our natural capital.

Moving forward

The UK’s 25 Year Environment Plan, National Adaptation Programme and evolving national Flood and Coastal Erosion Management Strategy are all built on the premise of building resilience to climate change.

It is now time that research, policy-making and planning moves to action.

Climate change can no longer be seen as just an environmental issue – it is an economic, moral and ethical imperative. Climate change resilience needs to be mainstreamed and embedded into all decision-making whether it is the construction of a new hospital, the development of the national GCSE curriculum or the building of new homes.

UKCP18 provides an essential tool to enable this to happen, now we need to take action!

Want to know more?

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Email Rachel Brisley for more information on our work in this area. You can also find out more on our climate resilience web page.

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