Tremors – The Wharfedale Remake

JBA Ilkley drought cracks

Should the residents of Ilkley be looking for solid rock to sit it out on?

Has anyone seen anything like this apart from in the film Tremors? The pictures show the football field at Denton Road in Ilkley, Yorkshire, yesterday. Across 4 acres of grass, burnt dry and brown, there are no cracks in the soil except along the football pitch markings. The photographs show this bizarre circumstance, with a bit part played by a bemused Kevin Bacon stand in.

Our team theory is that one or more of the following might be causing this. We welcome other contributions – scientific
or supernatural.

  1. The line markings could be lime based and as such are causing excessive flocculation of and binding of the clay minerals.
  2. The line markings are devoid of grass and therefore there is no root mesh along the line to distribute the contractions of the clay in the soil (our favourite).
  3. The line markings are devoid of grass and the soils along the line are more exposed to the sun and higher temperatures. As such, they deferentially contract more than the surrounding soil.
  4. It’s the Ilkley Sandworm which is preparing to take out the
    lines man when the football season starts next week
    (Kevin Bacon’s favourite).

Want to know more?

Comment below with your theories of what you think might be happening in Ilkley.

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