Tree Planting at Broughton Park

We’re excited to announce the start of a project to plant 600 trees outside our new head office at Broughton Park near Skipton. This tree planting project is part of JBA’s commitment to sustainability, carbon sequestration and staff well-being. It is also a small step in the direction of larger rewilding aspirations for the Broughton Hall Estate who are working with us on this project.

It’s hoped that in time this new woodland will become home to birds, mammals, insects and woodland flora. As the trees grow, they will contribute to carbon capture and may even slow down flood run-off contributing to natural flood management in this part of the Upper Aire catchment. The woodland will also contribute to staff well-being as a place where we can spend time with nature during lunchtime walks.

What we are doing?

The planting work started on Saturday 8 February, when an enthusiastic group of volunteers from JBA planted approximately 400 trees. The volunteers ranged in age from 5 to 70, and they spent almost 7 hours digging, staking, hammering and getting muddy. Amazingly most of the trees and tubes withstood the high winds and heavy rain from Storm Ciara which arrived in force on that very same evening!

Tree plantingThe newly planted trees are set back from the access road to help avoid encroachment and they are protected from browsing animals by re-used plastic tree tubes. In fact, we’ve managed to undertake this project without using any new plastics. All the tree tubes are re-used from other local planting projects where they are no longer needed, thus diverting plastic waste from landfill or incineration. We will be monitoring the plastic tubes, and plan to remove and re-use any that have worked loose and are no longer required.


Only just the beginning…..

Over the coming years we hope to see the drive to Broughton Park fringed with a plantation of hazel, alder, goat willow, hawthorn, silver birch and aspens, with oak, small-leaved lime and Scots pine towering above. In time any fallen trees will be allowed to remain on the land (unless causing obstruction), for the ecological benefits created by decomposing wood.

We’re really pleased to make this small but important contribution to the long-term sustainability of our local environment within the Broughton Hall Estate. And there are another 200 trees to go in next Saturday!

Tree Planting: before and after
Tree planting area: Before and After

Want to know more?

To find out more about our tree planting project at Broughton Park contact Duncan Faulkner. For information about how we can help with sustainability in your projects, visit our Environmental Services webpages.

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