Thriving or Surviving – Creating Resilient Fisheries

Jon Whitmore, Dave Mould and Ryan Jennings attended the annual Institute of Fisheries Management conference in Hull last week. Below, they tell us some of the interesting points from their experience.

The title of the conference was ‘Thriving or Surviving – Creating Resilient Fisheries’ and presentations covered themes including non-native species (NNS), habitat and connectivity restoration, marine fishery management, impact assessment techniques and angling participation.

Sharing expertise

Ryan presented a poster titled ‘Evaluating and delivering fish passage improvement measures at tidal pointing doors on the River Ancholme at South Ferriby’. Jon presented a poster titled ‘Qualitative Assessment of Benefits Foregone of not Achieving WFD Good Status for Fish’.

The following presentations provided particular interest:

  • Prof Ian Cowx of the Hull International Fishery Institute talked about the increasing incidence of Pink Salmon in European rivers, revealing that the time to swim-up from laying can be between 30 and 40 days.
  • Magnus Johnson of the University of Hull expressed concerns over the increase in the market for American Lobsters in the UK, revealing that 52kg of CO2 are emitted in the process of harvesting 1kg of this NNS.
  • Two presentations used fish tagging to build an understanding of fish behaviour at weirs and fish passes at the site scale (Jamie Dodds, Hull International Fisheries Institute) and a catchment scale (Peter Davies, Bournemouth University). In each case, the variability of behaviours within a single species were evident. We must be mindful that when designing fish passes or easements that not all fish are the Usuain Bolt of the fish world, and a range of swimming capabilities and behaviours should be provided for where possible.
  • Peter Walker from RSK presented on the results of a research project undertaken for the Environment Agency which consisted of a literature review of habitat requirements of European Eel.
  • David Bunt reported on the establishment of a Sustainable Eel Group Standard to certify the sustainability of eel products.

Want to know more?

Email Jon Whitmore or Dave Mould for more information on our fish ecology capabilities. You can also find out more on our fisheries web page.

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